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Company Overview

The parent company was founded in 1977 in Japan, we put our more than 40 year’s experiences in manufacturing optical component and opto-mechanical component to scientific research and photonics industry at your service. Our presence is strong in Asia and in the USA with 8 out of 10 researchers know about Optosigma brand of SIGMAKOKI Group.

OptoSigma was founded in July 1995 as a joint venture between a group of managers in the USA and SIGMAKOKI Company, a leading Japanese supplier of Optical and Opto-mechanical products.

Our purpose is to provide optics, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic components to a broadbased market of researchers, educators and manufacturers. This market is growing through the increased application of laser technology. As the market grows, it is becoming extremely competitive in terms of product quality and service. An opportunity exists for OptoSigma to excel by providing high quality product backed by the best possible technical service. We are market driven, always seeking to provide a better solution to our customers’ needs and we will apply the knowledge gained in this way to provide innovative products for more general application.

We will add value to our products through engineering and manufacturing whenever possible, but we will not seek to replicate routine manufacturing tasks which can be better left to specialists. When we enter into purchasing contracts with vendors we will help them to develop and improve their skills for mutual benefit.

We will actively participate in the community we serve, namely the optics and laser community. By association with key societies and involvement with universities and industry groups we will seek to contribute to the education of future engineers and to the expansion of our field.

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Our Brand Statement


Semiconductor and Electrical Devices for Computer and Smart Phone and Automobile and Consumer Electronics. OLED(OEL Display)& Flat Panel Display. Regeneration and Drug Development, Bio-Medical and Medical, Beauty and cosmetic. Agricultures. High-speed and Broadband Optical Communications. Next-generation Clean Energy including Solar Cells. Aviation, Aircrafts and Space development, and so on… 

Though it is difficult to perceive of them in our daily activities, “Optical Technology” is widely used in our surroundings, and this technology is now truly indispensable to everyday life. And we contribute to this “Optical Technology” through the spirit and realization of “Monozukuri”. 

We have the core technologies of ” Monozukuri “, as “optical design”, “mechanical design”, “electric design”, “software development”, and “system integration”. “Japan quality products” with high precision produced from our “Monozukuri” are widely adopted in a various fields including not only in global advanced research and development fields but also measurement, inspection, evaluation, production and assembly in various industries. 

“Light Solutions for Life®” is our brand statement, expressing that we will support various events in your “life” through sustainable innovation of optical technology and provision of high value optical solutions. This is the basic business stance of the SIGMAKOKI group, and we are focusing on “Monozukuri” towards the future. 

Bringing things into existence in our world with Light.
If it is Light, it can be done.
The SIGMAKOKI group contributes to our society with “Light”.


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