Application System
Microscope Unit
Catalog Code:W2007
Operation manual
Telecentric Zoom Microscope SIZM

Infinity corrected type lens tube with zoom

● Compact light body
● Zoom ratio: 14x
● C mount designed
● Equipped with a port for coaxial epi illumination
● Infinity corrected objective lens can be used
● Motorized zooming type
● Compatible from low to high magnification

Outline Drawing

Part Number SIZM
Price (S$) 7,500
Manipulation for zoom Motorized by controller
Zoom ratio 14
Focal length[ mm ] 50〜700
Type Infinity correction
Corrected Wavelength range [nm] 400〜700
Image size [mm] φ8 (for 1/2 inch sensor size)
Camera Mount C mount
Illumination Coaxial epi-illumination (standard)
Mounting screws for objective lens φ26 × 0.760
φ20.32 × 0.760
Please use the attached conversion adaptor
Outline Drawing [mm] 204.9 × 121.4 × 45
Weight [kg] 1.5

*Vignetting at four corners of the screen for the wide are zoom.


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