Auto Focus (Separate type) / TAF-ES-DM-40

A focus laser with large spot and a separate laser detector are aligned at a large angle outside of the objective lens. Focus is maintained by minimizing the error signal generated by the sensor.

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◦As the optical system being focused and the auto focus optical system are independent, the auto focus system will operate with various magnification objective lenses.
◦Focus point can be offset to support focusing through transparent surfaces such as glass and film.
◦The small, compact design makes it easy to integrate into inspection equipment systems.
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Catalog Code W2013
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CAD data
Camera C mount CCD camera (Size is less than 2/3″)
Objective Lens 2× − 50×
(Outer diameter φ32mm WD11mm Objective lens)
Trace Range (Tracking capable range) Regular reflector: ±3mm
Transparent body: contact us separately
Reference) thickness 0.7mm, glass ±0.3mm
Focus Actuator Stepping motor drive stage
Travel 10mm
Response frequency* About 5Hz (regular reflector step ±10μm)
Travel Off-axis (out of Lens) reflection active system by semiconductor laser (equivalent to class 3R, light output 4.5mW or less, wavelength at 670nm)
Reproducibility (Focus) ±0.5μm
Weight (head part) 2.2kg
Illumination optical systems Coaxial epi-illumination (aperture stop built in)