Automatic Vertical Observation Unit / OBUT-VA

This unit is used to observe waveguide end faces, fiber end faces, devices, etc.

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  • The camera can be used to observe the positional relationship of samples.
  • The vertical observation unit and the optional horizontal observation unit realize observation from both directions.
  • The adjustment of the unit can be selected between manual and automatic stages.
  • Vertical observation is standard with variable magnification using a zoom lens.
  • Horizontal observation is at a fixed magnification (1x), but can be changed to a zoom lens upon request.
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Catalog Code W2102
RoHS Yes
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CAD data
  • The DAU-8100A series fiber alignment unit can be used in combination this unit to construct a system that enables observation of fiber alignment.
  • Please contact our sales department for any additional specifications not listed here.
  • OBUT-VA/OBUT-VM are equipped with red fixing brackets for stage protection. Use of these brackets when moving the equipment reduces the risk of stage malfunction. However, operating the stage with the metal fixing brackets attached may cause malfunction, so please make sure that the metal fixing brackets are removed before operating the stage.
X axis Y axis Z axis
Component Products/Part Number TAMM100-50C TAMM100-50C TAMM100-100C
Travel 50mm 50mm 100mm
Resolution (Full) 2µm 2µm 2µm
Resolution (Half) 1µm 1µm 1µm
Positioning Accuracy <6μm <6μm <6μm
Positional Repeatability <1µm <1µm <1µm

Observation magnification 0.66x~4x
FOV of camera 1.42mm×1.07mm~8.63mm×6.47mm
Resolution 16.8µm~7.1µm