IR-LEGO Infrared Laser-Evoked Gene Operator IR-LEGO Systems
Basic configuration example

It is a sample configuration of optical system which is the base of various measurement and analysis.
It will be also provided the model selection and recombination of the basic configuration to match
the performance requirements and purpose of the customer.

Light source of arbitrary polarization

It is the light source which outputs in an arbitrary polarization state by installing the polarization operation optical system at the rear end of light source.

All settings related to the polarization are possible such as setting the direction of rotation, aspect ratio and each polarization state of linear polarization,
circular polarization and elliptical polarization.

Because of the dynamic control by PC is possible, it can be used to evaluate the sample of polarization dependence,
and polarization compensation in the subsequent stage after passing through the device.

Polarization measurement system

It is a measurement system for measuring and analyzing the polarization state of the input light source.

It can be made a calculation all of the stokes parameter S0 - S3 of the input light source polarization.

Optical Characteristics Measurement System

A composition of system with light source unit, sample holding mechanism and detector unit.

Configuration that combines a reflective and transmissive type is also possible.

Reflective type is also usable as an ellipsometer addition to polarization characterization system.

Optical Strain Measurement System

A device for visualizing internal stress-strain such as striae and processing strain.

It is possible to capture the video of the distribution of the stress-strain.

Application equipment cases

As a measuring device and production equipment, we also provide the production of dedicated device.
To achieve both cost reduction and quality and stable performance by using a catalog standard products in main part, in addition, we propose according to customers’ applications to improve the throughput by adding the necessary unit as a dedicated machine.

Circularly polarized light measuring device

It is a system for the characterization of polarization optics in transmission optical system of the vertical.

It can be evaluated all the main characteristics by only setting the sample to the sample bench.

The spectral phase difference, spectroscopic data of the polarization parameters, and transmission polarization ratio of the polarizer can be measurable.