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Catalog Code:W2002
Laser Optical Tweezers - Mini LMS

A new lineup of Laser Optical tweezers - Mini type is now available.

1064nm near-infrared laser trapping minimizes the damage on cells and biomolecules.

Laser irradiation is fixed to center of field of view in microscope.

Downsized optical unit is directly connectable to the microscope port.

Optional microscope motorized stage system broaden the variety of biological applications.

Chlamydomonas of optically trapped.
(Combination Motorized XY stage system for microscopes)

Laser Optical tweezers for optical system

Advantages of Mini type Laser Optical tweezers

Entry model with competitive prices.

Directly connected to the existing microscope port, which offers great extensibility.
(Please inform us of the manufacturer and model number of your existing microscope when inquiring.)

Upgrading to the full-featured Micro Manipulation System is available.
(Reutilizing the 2W trapping laser and the internal optical elements are possible. Please contact to the sales for details.)

Laser optical tweezers are usuful tool for various types of feasibility test and applications of near-infrared irradiation.

Mini Optical tweezers / Trapping Laser 5W
Part Number S$ Equipment Configuration Add to Cart
LMS-M1064-5000 30,625 Basic model / without shutter
LMS-M1064-5000/1S 32,500 Basic model / with shutter
LMS-M1064-5000/E 34,375 Electric focus model / without shutter
LMS-M1064-5000/E/1S 36,250 Electric focus model / with shutter
LMS-AD-NI-BP *1 625 Adapter for Nikon (Ti, TE2000 supported)

*1 Please select an adapter that fits your microscope.

*2 Some models of microscopes may not be supported. Please contact the sales department.