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Microscope Unit
Catalog Code:W2012
Observation unit with coaxial illumination OUCI-2

This compact microscope is a customizable high performance imaging system for use in a wide
range of applications from scientific research to industrial production equipment.

Outline Drawing

A wide variety of options is available for Infinity corrected optical systems.
Possible to be combined with a large range of optional parts in accordance with its application.
Optional parts such as translation stages or Illumination light-source could be found in our catalog.
Besides products in the catalog, for fine laser processing application, the model for YAG lasers at 266nm, 355nm, 532nm and 1064nm, and also 2 camera ports model at low/high magnification can be available.
Support Infinity corrected objective lenses
Support Olympus made objective lenses at various magnifications as standard
The coaxial epi-illumination of the light guide enables the observation of bright fields.
The contrast of the illuminated light can be adjusted with an aperture stop.
Part Number OUCI-2 OUCI-M1M1
S$ 1,688 3,250
Camera port 1 2
Imaging lens focal length [ mm ] 200
Camera mount C mount (less than 2/3)
Mounting screw for
Objective lens
Φ26×0.706, Φ20.32×0.706
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System Configuration

This product can be used as a substitute for a microscope for offline use at a low cost by combining it with various peripheral accessories
(refer to the example of configuration shown below.).

Various options enable free customization.

System Diagram

Cマウントカラーカメラ Cマウントアダプタ フォーカスブロック オートフォーカス SLA-100 LS-LHA LS-LHA コントローラ 接続アダプタ レンズポジショナー SFS-OBL-1 SGSP-OBL-3 レーザ導入用ダイクロブロック W3459 W3458 W3457 W3460

Reference product / Observcation unit with laser input port

Please contact International Sales Division for more detail.

Wavelemgth range [nm] YAG Laser 266, 355, 532, 1064
Port 3 (Camera port 1, Illumination port 1, Laser input port 1)
Imaging lens focal length [mm] 200
Camera mount C mount
Mounting thread for Objective lens Φ26×0.706, Φ20.32×0.706