Product Warranty Period

Inspection of delivered products

On receipt of ordered products, please check the following as soon as possible.
If you observe any abnormalities, please contact our Sales department or Osaka sales office.
We will replace damaged or defective products free of charge if products are returned within 30 days of the date of delivery.

Inconsistencies between delivered and ordered products (model no., quantity)

Package damage apparently caused during transport and abnormality of delivered product

Warranty period
The warranty period is one year from the date of product shipment.
However, there are some products that have longer warranty period than one year.

We will repair or replace products that fail or malfunction during the warranty period, provided that the products are used under normal conditions, as described in Web Catalog instructions or in the operating manual provided with the product.

Note that fees will be charged to repair products in the following cases, even during the valid warranty period:

Malfunction or damage caused by relocation or transportation after products are received by customer.

Malfunction or damage caused by incorrect use by customer.

Malfunction or damage caused by inappropriate repairs or modifications performed by the customer.

Optics is easily damaged products by handling. In order to carefully use the optics in a long period of time, please observe the following precautions.

Malfunction or damage caused by a natural disaster such as a fire, earthquake, flood, or lightning, pollution, nonstandard voltage, or external equipment or factors.
The warranty does not cover damage caused to other devices by abnormalities, failures, or other malfunctions of the delivered Sigma Koki product.

Thus, any relevant damages resulting from the use of the product in extraordinary
conditions as noted below will be repaired or replaced at your own charge.

◎ Deliberate misuse, modification or repairment.
◎ Handling, transportation, a fall or other accident.
◎ Inappropriate maintenance, storage and conservation.
◎ Use with abnormal voltage or any power voltage other than the indicated voltage.
◎ Consuming the expendable supplies.
◎ Fire, earthquake, windstorm, flood, lightening strike, gas accident and other acts of God.
◎ Rust, mold, corruption, corrosion, discoloring, contamination and the malfunction and damage caused by other similar reasons.
◎ Damage as a result of service or modification by other company.
◎ Products without a certificate of conformance.

【Safety Precautions】

For your continued use of this product, please read and follow all safety and basic precaution.

Use of this product under these conditions may result in the failure or damage:

Deliberate or accidental misuse

Disassembling, modifying and inappropriate repairing

In the event that the product receives a strong physical shock as a result of a fall or other accident

The use of this product that deviates from that described in the manual

Exerting greater physical pressure or weight more than it requires(Refer to our catalogue specifications on mass and load capacity)

Do not use this product in the following areas:

In areas where exposed to lower or higher than ordinary temperature

In areas where dust or metal powder permeates

Vacuum environment(unless the product is vacuum compatible designed)

In areas where frequent vibrations occur

In areas where exposed to high levels of moisture or humidity (Be sure that no condensation would occur)

Handling / Transportation:

Care for a physical shock and a vibration should be taken when handling/transporting this precision device.

Packaging protection for a physical shock and a vibration should be taken when handling/transporting this precision device.

When handling/transporting this product, and if the product is equipped with clamp whose screw locks the movable parts, be sure that the clamp is locked. Other securing means should be combined if the product needs to remain fixed.


The product should be cleaned by our existing cleaning supplies when you find dirt and dust on the product's surface.

When you find the dust on the movable parts or inside the main body, be sure that the dust is cleaned.

Do not use polishing powder or water.

Do not use a metal brush that will cause scratches.

Be sure that the storage environment avoids direct sunlight, high levels of temperature and humidity.

Other notes:

Some products have their model numbers marked for identification. However, please refer to our catalogue and online information to make sure the parts that you are ordering.

If there are any more questions, please refer to our catalogue and online information