Observation unit with coaxial illumination / OUCI-2

This compact microscope body is a customizable high performance imaging system for use in a wide range of applications from scientific research to industrial production equipment.
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◦Accepts a wide variety of infinity corrected objectives.
◦Can be combined with a wide variety of optional components to accomadate many applications.
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RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Support Infinity corrected objective lenses.
▶Support Olympus made objective lenses at various magnifications as standard..
▶The coaxial epi-illumination of the light guide enables the observation of bright fields. The contrast of the illuminated light can be adjusted with an aperture stop.
Number of Port (Camera Port) 1
Observation wavelength (Camera Port) Visible range (460-650nm)
Imaging lens focal length (Camera Port) 1x (200mm)
Mount (Camera Port) C mount (flange focus 17.526mm)
Compatible image sensor size (Camera Port) 2/3type (diagonal 11mm) or less
Method (Illumination) Telecentric illumination with built-in aperture stop
Compatible light sources (Illumination) SLA-100B, SHLA-150
Observed Image Bright field/Erect Image
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