Halogen Light Source Illuminating Systems / SHLA-150

SHLA Halogen fiber optic Illuminator.
Illuminators generate light and guide it into a fiber light guide for use in inspection, microscopy and machine vision applications.
The SHLA-150 is an updated design with PSE (Safety Electrical Appliance & Material) and UL(Underwriters Laboratories) certification for applications where a Halogen light source is required.  
Not limited to a specific bulb, a number of type bulbs can be installed, including both 12V and 15V bulbs.
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・Analog external remote control is available.
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Catalog Code W5062
RoHS Yes
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▶Light guide is also available.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W5028
External Dimensions (W)115×(H)130×(D)231mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight 2.6kg
Power Consumption 180W (as maximum rated load of 150W lamp)
Lamp Used JCR15V150W5H/5
Usage Environment 0℃ − +40℃ / 20 − 85%RH (without condensation)
Color Temperature *2 3,100K - 3,200K
Input Voltage AC100-120V±10%
Average lamp life *1 Nominal 700 hours (DC12V)
Average Luminance *2 650,000 lx