LED Light Source Device / SLA-100B

LED light source using high-intensity white light offers approximately 100W halogen illumination.
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◦Passive cooling design offers low-noise and environmentally friendly.
◦High reliability and easy control.
◦Long-term life, approximately 15 to 30 times longer than halogen light source.
◦Significantly reduce maintenance work (not required lamp changes at a regular frequency).
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Catalog Code W5023
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Optional adapters available and compatible with other light guides (Note that some light guides are incompatible).
▶Light guides sold separately.Reference H035
▶Unique optical and passive cooling design (fanless).
▶Low heat and power consumption .
▶Power consumption reduced by 67-89% compared to halogen light source.
▶Optional color filters can be mounted in the light guide. Contact our International Sales Division for more information.
Average Luminance 17,900lx φ5mm / 40,000lx φ8mm (W.D.=100mm)
68,000lx φ5mm / 130,000lx φ8mm (W.D.=50mm)
510,000lx φ5mm / 700,000lx φ8mm (W.D.=15mm)
LED Life 30,000H
Life: Varies depending on the usage environment temperature. Not a guaranteed value.
Color Temperature (typ.) 6500K
Function and Dimming (1) LED light ON/OFF function
(2) Continuous dimming by manual full dimming volume
(3) Remote: Analog input voltage DC0V − +5V
* 8bit digital dimming is optional (contact us separately)
Weight 2.0kg (excluding the power cord)
Power Consumption 18W
Rated Input Voltage AC100V‐240V±10%
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Luminescence Color White light
Cooling Method Natural cooling
External Dimensions (W)78×(H)144×(D)200mm (excluding protrusions)
Environment Conditions Ambient temperature: 0℃ − +40℃
Ambient humidity: 20% − 80%RH
(without condensation)
Indoor use altitude: Up to 2,000m