Motorized 6-axis Optical Fiber Alignment Stage Unit / DAU-8100A-R

This is a stage unit for 6-axis automatic alignment combining θxθyθz axes with linear motion XYZ axes. Symmetrical L type and R type are available.

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  • Use of high-resolution stages enables alignment with high rigidity and high efficiency.
  • Compared with the conventional automatic alignment unit (DAU-080A type), it is more rigid and allows longer travel.
  • The magnetic mounting method and the positioning mechanism used in the holders ensure positional repeatability.
  • A variety of compatible holders enables application extension associated with device change. (Fiber holders, fiber rotation holders, fiber array holders, etc.)
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Catalog Code W2092
RoHS Yes
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CAD data
  • Combination of the left and right units forms the DAU-8100A-0.
  • Special holders are available for the DAU-8100A series alignment unit.
    Fiber holders (FHMF series)
    Fiber rotation holders (FHRM series)
    Fiber array holders (ARH series)
  • If you are considering a fiber alignment unit with the DAU-8100A as its main axis, please contact our sales department
  • When used with the 12-axis auto aligner unit (DAU-8100A-0), depending on the installation conditions of the DAU-8100A-L and DAU-8100A-R, interference may occur when traveling the full stoke.
Number of Axes 6
Part Number Axis X Y Z θx θy θz
DAU-8100A-R Component/ Part Number TAMM100-50CR TAMM100-50C TAMM100-50C OSMS-40A60 OSMS-60A105R OSMS-60A85
Travel 50mm 50mm 50mm ±5° ±7° ±9°
Resolution (Full) 2μm 2μm 2μm ≒0.00217° ≒0.00189° ≒0.00229°
Resolution (Half) 1μm 1μm 1μm ≒0.00108° ≒0.00095° ≒0.00115°
Positioning Accuracy <6μm <6μm <6μm
Positional Repeatability <1μm <1μm <1μm <±0.004° <±0.004° <±0.004°